All WIDS branches help members who wish to participate in competitions. If you are disabled and have a passion for a sport, any sport, we are here to help you achieve your ambitions. Equally if you just want a fun time out and try your hand at something different, come for the company and a light hearted giggle.


In 2002 we took a 25-year-old disabled swimmer to participate in the Senior Swimming Championships for Sensory Impaired And Physically Disabled Swimmers.
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We were therefore thrilled when she won the gold medal in both of her events.

We also took part in the Discovery games in Dundee. Besides swimming one of our members, a bowler represented us in the indoor bowls competition.


It doesn't matter if your Nine or Ninety, if you want to try your hand at something new then count us in but, if we don't know you we can't help you!

Below is a list of some of the WIDS groups sports and activities regularly held in halls throughout the Islands.

All are welcome and there is something for everyone.


Boccia is an excellent game of skill and strategy for athletes with all levels of physical disability. This is an ancient Italian game of lawn bowling that resembles a giant game of marbles. Boccia athletes are governed by the rules for CP Sports that allow for both ramp and non-ramp competition. A Boccia ramp can be used by an athlete in lieu of tossing the ball. The ramp can be manually moved by the athlete or, in some cases, the athlete uses an assistant to move the ramp into position, giving only verbal or gestured cues on where to move the ramp. Boccia is an excellent game of strategy and skill and many of the contests are very exciting.

New Age Kurling

New Age Curling is a form of the original game of Curling but instead of playing on ice it is played on any smooth flooring, such as sport's hall's, dance floors etc.





This is a game that can be played by able bodied and disabled people on an equal footing, we have just completed trials with disabled people and it has proved so popular that it has been recognized as a sport by Disabled Sports England, The British Wheelchair Sports Foundation and most disabled sports unions around the world.

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With WIDS you can swim for fun or swim for gold.

For a disabled swimmer to compete within disability competitions, it is appropriate to have a classification. In Competitive sport for people with disabilities, the term CLASSIFICATION is used to describe the systematic process by which the participants are objectively evaluated in relation to their impairment (disability) and or, sports potential for the allocation to a specific competition class, band, group or division for the conduct of a fair sports contestant. (Williamson 1997).

In layman's terms swimmers are assessed on their ability and given a competition class (a classification), which allows disabled swimmers to compete on a fair basis, with swimmers of like ability.

Short Mat Bowls

Short Mat bowls is a scaled down version of the indoor bowling that is seen on television, except that we play on portable lightweight bowling carpets, which measure 45 feet by 6 feet (13.75 x 1.85 metres), they are rolled out in seconds and are easily rolled back up after use. The game is played like other forms of the sport, with full sized bowls being used to bowl up and down the carpet.

Supafoam Croquet

Other Sports Available At Meetings

Short Tennis

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Quick Cricket




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