Mission statement

The organisation (W.I.D.S.) was founded to support, extend & encourage activities for & on behalf of disabled people who are double disadvantaged not only as a result of their disability but also their geographical & social isolation, living in rural & in many cases remote communities throughout the isles that make up the Western Isles Archipelago.
The aims of the organisation are: -
1. Provide activities for people with disabilities irrespective of age or disability & their carers.
2. To take our activities to the communities irrespective of geography wherever possible.
3. To recruit volunteers from across the Western Isles Archipelago to assist us to fulfil our aims.
4. To seek to provide support for remote communities by the establishment of community branches.
5. To promote the aims of Scottish Disability Sport.
6. To co-ordinate, develop & promote sport & physical recreation for people with a disability within the Western Isles.
7. Membership is open to all individuals, clubs & organisations wishing to participate or assist in sport & physical recreation for people with a disability in the interest of social inclusion so that their quality of life may be improved.
8. Fundraising activities to raise the funds required for carrying out the organisations aims & activities.

Gordon Thomas




Registered Charity Number SC0 031259
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