The Pleasant Sunday Afternoon Brotherhood of Kilsyth

A jolly (?) gathering of the Pleasant Sunday afternoon brotherhood is captured on this copy of an old postcard sent in by Kevin Reed from Australia via John and Myrna McIntyre. 

"I have the photo and it belongs to Bev (my wife) whose mother is Mavis Young (daughter of William Young). She has no problems with publishing it. William and James Young's were here by the 1920's so we presume that the photo was sent to them from a relative in Scotland if the photo is from the 1920's.  Kevin Reed, (Australia)

The PSA was founded by the Rev  Wm Jeffrey, died 1910., He was a qualified doctor who treated the poor for free, and obviously knew a thing or two about public health and the evils of drink! A couple of memorials survive locally.

 The PSA were teetotal, and voted the town dry for many years, right through to the 1960's. Picture probably taken at the Burns church, sadly demolished in 2001. Banner still survives, was recently located and has been conserved and renovated. (Thanks also to John Gordon for the historical notes)

Charles Nicol, born in Glasgow in 1858,  wrote the following verses:

Tam's Reformation

Guid gracious me is that yersel'?
Man, Tam, yer looking weel;
You've shairly gane an jined tee-tee,
Or Fortune's turned the wheel?
Yer lachan' noo. What's that ye say-
Yer a "Blue Ribbon" man?
Aweel I am prood to hear't indeed,
For I'm ane o' yer clan.

You, man, Watty! weel, let's shake hauns,
An' let's prove brithers true;
An' try an' get ithers as weel
Tae don the ribbon blue.
But noo man, Tam, I'd like tae ken
What gar'd you take this step,
For you are greatly changed indeed
Frae the last time we met.

Aye, Watty, feth ye speak the truth,
For changed I am in style;
Too long I've been a ne'er-dae-weel,
Wha car'd for nocht the while.
But since brave Murphy he cam here
Tae Embro's busy toon,
There's nocht but pleasure in our hame,
Like bless cam frae aboon.

Oh, Tam, you've cheered me up this nicht,
For prood am I tae ken
That baith o' us henceforth will be
Twa leal "Blue Ribbon" men;
An' by oor acts let's try an' win
Ithers that's gane astray
Ower tae oor cause, an' they like us,
Might leeve to bless the day.