Twechar Parish Church, Scotland

This fine building was admired so much when it was built that it was reproduced in an Auckland parish in New Zealand!

"Suffer the little children to come unto me" detail above main doorway


Above - Two photos of the newly-built St Lukes taken in 1932 (1 exterior, 1 interior) scanned from a booklet printed in 1950 for the parish's 75th jubilee. Saint Luke's is at 130 Remuera Road, Auckland 1005, New Zealand: St Lukes web site: - St Lukes is based on Twechar plans. 

The present church, opened in 1932, was modeled on the parish kirk in the Scottish mining village of Twechar, built in 1902. This church was remembered by two members of St Lukes, William and (later, Sir) James Fletcher, born in the town of Kirkintilloch. When the decision was made to build a new church in Remuera, the Twechar church's plans were obtained and adapted. Their building firm, which became Fletcher Construction, built the new church, providing work for their employees during the depression. The church bell was given in memory of William Fletcher.

(with grateful thanks to David Clark, Minister)