Falkirk Wheel


Floating Gallery - The Falkirk Wheel 

Exhibition Date

Artist (s)

Type of Artwork

30June and 1st of July 2007

Paul Kennedy

Print work and painting, will have a transport and industry theme.

7thh and 8th of July 2007

Helen MacVey and Louise Reid

Collection of Jewellery and handmade crafts i.e. knitted bags

4th and 5th of August

Catherine Laing


1st and 2nd of September

Vicki Sawyer

Une Belle Histoire

and Emma Henderson



High Quality, eco friendly crafts including, jewellery, accessories and fabrics.

29th of September till 7th of October

 Marianne Greated

Exhibition –Located on the FG and conference centre.

Site specific piece of work being created on the FG.



Official opening by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II 
 The 'Wheel' finally connects the Forth & Clyde and Union canals after 70 years  
The Falkirk Wheel Opening ceremony on Friday 24th May 2002 finally completed the link between the historic Forth and Clyde and Union Canals

Despite the appalling weather, a large crowd waited patiently and loyally to greet HRH, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip. 

Kilsyth Community Council was well represented at the ceremony, with Margo Macmillan, Gordon Letham, Rob Kay, and their families braving the weather. 

A few minutes by car from Kilsyth, the Wheel can also be reached by a delightful walk or cycle along the canal towpath, taking in some of the prettiest countryside between the Kilsyth Hills and the Antonine Wall

image of enthusiastic crowd  image of gordon letham and family    

Making the final connection between the Forth & Clyde and Union canals the 'Wheel' allows the reopening of unhindered passage from Edinburgh to Glasgow after more than 70 years of inactivity.

image of Queen on boat  picture of falkirk Wheel - grand opening

Queen Elizabeth (in the green coat and hat) tours the site. The First Minister, Jack McConnell, can be seen with his hand on the rail. 

Laser light shows, plasma screen displays, interactive exhibits were just some of the features in place for the opening. Other unique facilities such as the amphibious transporters have already taken 250,000 visitors through the 'Falkirk Wheel Experience' this year.

These details and more are available on the upgraded website.


Updated 17/12/2013