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Tam Craven BooksTam Craven books2Accomplished local author, Tam Craven, has published many books of short stories and poetry about Kilsyth and other topics. His website is

Tams next book Lights Over Donegal will be launched at the Clachan of Campsie Xmas Fair on the 1st and 2nd of December 12 noon till 8 pm


I If you happen to be in EIRE you can buy Tam's books in LETTERKENNY, DUNGHLOE, DONEGAL TOWN, SLIGO,


Tam's next book was inspired by a walk he had in the hills of Donegal: "I have never been in a more beautiful place in my life, and if you get a chance, GO, for you will love it!"




Historic Kilsyth - Archeology and development

The Scottish Burgh Survey

Historic Scotland, 2006, authors E Patricia Dennison, Gordon Ewart, Dennis Gallagher and Laura Stewart. 54 pages, paperback.

ISBN 1-902771-57-5 EAN 978-1-902771-57-1 

Review: Charts the development of the historic town of Kilsyth from the scatter of ferm touns in the area in the late 1500s, through to the elevation of Kilsyth to a burgh of barony in 1620 and the subsequent expansion of the ‘new town’, serving as a market and a centre of the textile industry. Part of the Scottish Burgh Survey - a series designed to identify the archaeological potential of Scotland’s historic towns.  - a useful and up-to-date review of the literature, with one or two minor errors of fact, e.g the entire town was not "burnt by the usurpers armie" as stated, merely the mansion. But maybe that's just nit-picking.

54p, col and b/w illus, 1 foldout (Historic Scotland/CBA 2006) 9781902771571 pb £9.50

Dumbreck - A Private Inquiry by Matt O'Neill

A dramatic account and forensic investigation of the Dumbreck Colliery tragedy on 30th January 1938, in which nine men were killed: "William Baird & Company did not turn out to be half as heartless as I first suspected. They were in fact much worse."

ISBN 1-902516-54-0 Published 2003, paperback, 112 pages. Many illustrations in b&w. North Lanarkshire Council PRICE £3.95  available from Kilsyth Library or by post £4.50 inc p&p from Museums and heritage Section, North Lanarkshire Council, Buchanan Business Park, Stepps, Glasgow G33 6HR.

Kilsyth In Verse by William Bell

Privately published by KCC in 2003, this collection of affectionate, nostalgic and evocative poems of Kilsyth old and new is now available price £6. Paperbound, large print, 56 pages, illustrated with old photographs. The book is available from: Kilsyth Congregational Church Office, U.P. Lane, Low Craigends, Kilsyth, Scotland. tel: 01236 822252, or Cants, Main Street.   (post and packaging can be negotiated from the church office) Here are a couple of short extracts:

There and Here When A'h Wis Young
"The Garrell hills contain my thrills
Which I view from my dwelling
When I can trace the winding space
When Garrell burn runs swelling.
And all the vista of Kilsyth
Lies there before me daily
No distant sight could look so bright
Nor make me step more gaily."
"The lassies dressed as lassies
The laddies dressed as lads
The Mammies dressed as Mammies
The Daddies dressed as Dads,
The Grannies wore white mutches
The Grandads smoked a pipe
There wisny any fancy food
It wis totties, stew and tripe"

Our reviewer says: wish we had a bit more cross-dressing on the streets, (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more!) and thank the wee man that the tripe has gone the way of spam fritters, down the pan, but this is a great wee collection nevertheless.


Kilsyth Videos

The following professionally produced videos are available for sale, price £20 each. Kilsyth Community Council - a not for profit body, benefits from their sale, so please order now!

Kilsyth Books - old and new

Many of these books are available at Kilsyth Library, reference section only.

( we also suggest that you try a couple of search engines such as to shop around for the best price for any antiquarian or rare book) Alternatively, try this free email book search service

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Books about Scotland

Gazeteer for Scotland (a charitable foundation which provides information about Scotland) is proud to announce the opening of their Online Bookshop, in association with (and The bookshop contains a carefully selected list of titles including the following:

These books have been chosen to provide an insight into the history of Scotland and to showcase some of our unparalleled natural landscapes. All proceeds from the online book sales go to improving and updating the Gazetteer.