Wimpey Homes - Customer comments

These are a selection of customers' experiences on George Wimpey's Ridgewood development, Congleton, Cheshire. Updated January 2004.

Repeated failure of heating and plumbing systems.

Mortar all over the exterior brickwork.

No tiling around the bath or hand basin.

A collapsing staircase - extremely dangerous.

Incorrectly labelled electrical circuits on the circuit-breaker box extremely dangerous for anyone wishing to isolate a particular circuit, eg. to fit a new light fitting.

Huge cracks appearing in walls, plus many other examples of shoddy, rough "Friday afternoon" workmanship.

Problems not remedied for months.. and months.. and months. Complaints are ignored by the Customer Care Department... over and over again. They send out the standard letter every time... "we have noted your complaints"... they're experts in the art of "fobbing off" but not so good at actioning the necessary remedial work.

Missing kitchen cupboard doors which never get supplied.

Mysterious craters appearing in driveways (the tarmac literally falls into a black hole).

So called "lawns" which consist of cheap low-grade turf thrown down over builders rubble (these lawns aren't even included as standard... Wimpey have the nerve to charge extra for them, and if you don't pay you get a garden full of rubble for free).

Leaking, badly fitted pipes that have caused damage to decor and furniture.

Unfinished pavements made up of loose rubble and raised manholes - a terrible eyesore, and a hazard too. The development was abandoned by George Wimpey for seven months after the final house was built. During this time the roads and pavements were not in a suitable state for a fully occupied development. There was no communication from George Wimpey about the inexplicable delay, just a wall of silence. Residents got the distinct impression that George Wimpey didn't give a damn.

Parts of the estate are in darkness because the street lights have STILL not been activated and it is now January 2004 two years after some of the houses were first occupied. George Wimpey took the money and ran, the council collected council tax from the first day that everyone moved in but the residents haven't been given what they have paid for. Again, there has been no explanation or apology.

Before the estate was adopted by the council, George Wimpey failed to mow the grassed areas on the development, allowing everything to become overgrown and neglected. Some residents became so fed up that they maintained communal areas at their own expense - but they shouldn't have had to because it was George Wimpey's responsibility in a legally binding Section 38 agreement with the Council. Once again, George Wimpey never issued an apology or explanation.

A fitted oven not functioning for the whole of the festive period (how nice to live off take-aways and microwave food throughout Christmas and New Year) because Wimpey's "emergency careline" staff refused to send an engineer out, saying that any problems with appliances were the manufacturers responsibility (and in this instance the manufacturer didn't reopen until mid-January). Actually it had nothing to do with the manufacturer ... it was Wimpey's "electrician" who left a loose wire when he installed it!

George Wimpey's show homes are well presented and free of defects.
The treatment you receive in the sales office is extremely professional.

But everything changes from the day you move in.

If you are thinking of buying a new home on a George Wimpey development, remember the golden rule: the moment they sell the final plot, they will disappear off site, leaving a large catalogue of unresolved problems. As many customers will tell you, George Wimpey's after sales care is unreliable, painstakingly slow and at times non-existent.

If you're buying a new home from George Wimpey, it helps if you have excellent DIY skills and have friends who are skilled tradesmen you're sure as hell going to need them.

It also helps if you have an extremely flexible and accommodating boss who is prepared to let you have half-days off work all the time to deal with the sporadic problems that develop with your house.

And you have roads and pavements like something out of a third world country, for months if not years after you move in. Where is the quality of life that George Wimpey are advertising?

And from a different website:

Name :   Mark & Andrea
E-mail address :   
Comments :   Ive never dealt with a more useless and ineffective bunch of people than George Wimpeys customer aftersales department. It took us 14 phonecalls & 4 letters to get our faulty windows replaced & they have still not completed the work

Name :   Al
E-mail address :   wytha@lineone.net
Comments :   Everything youve said is true and I worked as a Wimpey Site Manager for six years. They cut corners to cut costs. I was so ashamed by their ethics that I quit and now work for myself.

Name :   
E-mail address :   
Comments :   Sales advisors excellent whilst your buying and they want your money. when they have your money customer service advisors crap false promises and liars!!!! directors ignorant no-one listens!!! frustrated customer of George Wimpey south yorkshire

Name :   Pauline Egerton
E-mail address :   
Comments :   Our guttering has been badly fitted and for the last six months the rainwater has been pouring onto the brickwork and this has caused damp in the loft. These houses are a joke, theyre not even designed to last for a few years.

Name :   katherine bochnik
E-mail address :   kitty_bb77@hotmail.com
Comments :   currently getting a professional report done into shallow foundations on our wimpey home as two walls are cracking up... worried sick... will update you in due course. would never buy wimpey again and warn others not to buy from them...

Name :   Les Greenhalgh
E-mail address :   
Comments :   Our daughter bought a house on Ridgewood in 2002 and she had the leaks and the heating problems. The plumber that Wimpey kept sending was like a one man Laurel & Hardy show and didnt seem to have a clue!! We paid someone else to fix things in the end.

Name :   Steve
E-mail address :   
Comments :   Considering developers are making an absolute fortune you would have thought they would build better homes.

Name :   Peter Thorne
E-mail address :   peter@thorne45.fsnet .co.uk
Comments :   I have just had another case of the builder denying responsibility for something that was clearly bad workmanship

Name :   
E-mail address :   
Name :   Mr L Stockley
E-mail address :   agarpay-flooring@ukonline.co.uk
Comments :   Purchased a Mclean house in nov 2001.which was incomplete. the date was inforced by wimpeys.18 months of problems, recently found out that the builders have not complied to building regulations B3 and part m. nhbc reported items inc Electrics not complyin

Name :   Deborah McCullen
E-mail address :   deb@mcc99.freeserve.co.uk
Comments :   Good website. Had 32 faults with our GW home in Berkshire, 11 fault still outstanding 1 year after moving in, an abysmal standard of customer service. Caused us huge amounts of hassle. Would not recommend to other buyers

Name :   Steve Allen
E-mail address :   sallen@ecodrive.co.uk
Comments :   Aftersales service crap .Responsibility to correct faults & poor workmanship left with customer.

Name :   Peter Barker
E-mail address :   pete.barker@virgin.net
Comments :   Moved into our new luxury Wimpey home in September 2003, and the roof leaked. Weve had a catalogue of problems, and now the exterior walls are having to be checked, as they are not sure if there is any cavity wall insualtion.....

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