UFO - Unidentified flying object seen from Kilsyth Hills

UFO (left) and Mars, (right) spotted from Kilsyth Hills (Tak Ma Doon Viewpoint) at approx 22.07 hrs on 28th August 2003, looking south over Cumbernauld. Unidentified Flying Object - with a brighter appearance than Mars, seen here at its closest to earth for 60,000 years - appeared static for five to ten minutes before sliding left and rapidly disappearing.

Equipment used: Fujifilm Finepix A204 camera at full 3x optical zoom, tripod mounted, with hand held Chinon binocular lens at maximum 15x magnification - total magnification = approx 45x

Photos copyright Rob Kay 2003  - all rights reserved.


The picture below shows Mars in the centre of the shot and the UFO towards the bottom right. (click to enlarge)

Another mystery in the Falkirk / Bonnybridge triangle?