Kilsyth supports recycling

This project is aimed to reduce the amount of potentially useful waste being used for landfill. North Lanarkshire has the worst record in Scotland for recycling, so your support is appreciated.

Blue wheelybin: newspapers, magazines, catalogues, brochures and junk mail: NOT Yellow Pages and envelopes. 3,500 tons was collected in north Lanarkshire in 2004.

Brown wheelybin: garden waste, clippings, anything that can be composted. 4,000 tons was collected in 2004 for composting.

Take to the bottlebank and clothesbank opposite the Kilsyth post office: glass bottles and jars and textiles.

For more information about this initiative phone the helpline at 01698 302777 or visit 

Don't be a tit - recycle it!

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