NLC report 11th Dec 2002

4.1 Following consideration of all the submissions the list of potential housing sites contained in the consultation paper was revisited and reviewed. As previously stated most of the concerns raised by the public related to matters of detail which can be addressed through the production and approval of a development brief for each site prior to the consideration of any detailed planning application. As such the sites at Badenheath Park and Carrickstone in Cumbernauld, the Devro Expansion site in Moodiesburn, the Stewart Milne Site at Bargeddie, and the site South East of Carnbroe are still considered to offer the best opportunity for meeting the shortfall in the mobile housing demand as required by the Structure Plan.

4.2 However, technical information relating to certain sites has resulted in a reassessment of their ability to be developed prior to 2006. The Cavalry Park site in Kilsyth has a number of issues relating to potential flood risks that can not be resolved, at the moment, in the time frame required by the IHLS and as such it has been removed from the preferred list of sites.

4.3 The impact of the exclusion of the site at Cavalry Park, Kilsyth is the loss of potential 65 houses from the 400 units, which are required prior to 2006. In order to meet this shortfall sites submitted in response to the consultation paper, together with sites which had recently come on stream, were further considered. In keeping with the aims of the Structure Plan that favours brownfield sites or sites within the urban envelope over greenbelt development, it was felt that two sites within Cumbernauld provided a suitable alternative. The former school sites at Pine Road, Abronhill and Eastfield Road, Carrickstone can provide 141 units prior to 2006 and as such are now included in the list of preferred housing sites. The former Glenhead Primary School site at Pine Road is a brownfield site while the site at Eastfield Road is a greenfield site within the urban envelope. Both sites are currently available for development, the Pine Road site received planning consent in October 2002 and a planning application is pending in the case of the Eastfield Road site following a Council Marketing exercise. Flexibility in terms of pre 2006 outputs is provided by several other sites that have come in to the effective land supply since 2001. The revised list of preferred housing sites and the associated development programme is attached as Appendix II.