0' Hill o' Garrel!, that towers above the toon, 

stood watch ower generations oor mither at the loon, 

I've walked among yur coarse long grass, wi' nature by ma side, 

the moon an' stars tae light ma way, 

Gods daylight by night, 

in summer days when time stood still an' youth wis oan ma side, 

I'd lie among your contours as though you wur ma bride, 

I'd dream o' lands across the sea, 

mountains, lakes an' cosy lea, 

ur brither Scots who left these shores, 

drove oot by greed, traitor chores, 

ma hert feels sair fur a' ma kin, 

brither sister every yin, 

then wi', the bean o' the sheep, 

The moo'in o' the coo, 

rabbits playin' rich nearbye, 

an' birds abin me flew, 

ah thocht o' kings in castles wi' siller gold an' a', 

bit nane could match ma Garrell Hill fur it is o' sae braw, 

Here wee beasties scurry by, field mice, moles an a; 

bit nane haud fear whin ah'm nearbye, 

ah'm friendly wi' then a', 

Bit noo its time I wis hame, 

doon the burn ah trek, 

leaving nature tae itsel 

An' Garrell Hill ah love say weel......... 


a misty morning in the kilsyth hills - march 2003, RK

Hills above Kilsyth - March 2003 - photo RK