Ross's well

"This poem was written about my grandfather Alexander Ross and given to my dad John Ross , who tended to Ross's Well till his death in 1981. I had heard it so often, it stuck in my mind..."

Photos and poem kindly contributed by

Christine Ross, USA

Photo (left) John Ross at the well in the 1940's


In the hills abune Kilsyth where the Garrell water rins, 

Stands a well that's known as Ross's well tae a' the local yins.

They say it wis discovered a wheen o' years ago, 

By auld Sanny Ross the angler as he wis walkin slow. .

Alang the road tae Carron wis his usual kin o' ploy, 

Tae catch a couple troot fur his pleesure and his joy.

He wis feelin kind o' drouthy and lookin fur a drink, 

When his een hit on this wee bit stream wi' water in it's brink.

Icy cauld and crystal clear the bonnie water run

Frae mother earth it's tinkle wis the sweetest ever sung.

A monumental stane wis laid tae mark the hallowed spot, 

Where Ross discovered water on a day sae dry and hot...


Photo (above) Christine Ross at the same well in 1995, now surrounded by forest.