Lament Tae The Store


I wandered today tae the store, Maggie

Tae see whit my tokens could buy,

But when I got doon tae the store, Maggie,

‘twas enough tae make anyone cry!


‘cause when I got doon tae the store, Maggie

The windows were shuttered a’ roon,

And that’s just like maist o’ the rest, Maggie,

The rest of auld Kilsyth toon.


O they go in their cars, or the bus, Maggie

Tae Glasgow or Falkirk, and whit’s more,

They come back wi’ bags full o’ stuff, Maggie,

They could have got doon at the store.


O they said that these shops were too dear, Maggie

I’ll tell ye, they don’t have much sense,

They travel for hundreds o’ miles, Maggie,

Just trying tae save a few pence!


So if ever you walk doon the toon, Maggie

And find all the shops have shut doon,

You’ll ken wha’s tae blame for the mess, Maggie,

And for making Kilsyth a ghost toon!


ă  1994  Tom Jarvie

Hi, Tom Jarvie here, Born at Garrel Mill House 30/01/49. Lived at various places after that, Kingston House ( long since gone ) , Berryhill Farm, Kingston House ( again ), Kingston Flats till 1972
I left Kilsyth in 1972 to go and have a look at New Zealand, where I lived for five years before getting married and heading back to Scotland to show the country to the Kiwi Wife.  We lived at Baldernock for a while, where my wife had a job as house cleaner/general dogsbody in the Baldernock Glebe. After a couple of winters in Scotland we headed back to NZ after being offered a job with the Co. that I had worked for previously in NZ. Two years passed and we moved to Tasmania where we now have lived for 21 years. During my employment with G E Medical Systems as a Xray & Medical Systems engineer I was fortunate to be able to travel to USA with stop-overs in Kilsyth almost once annually for 12 years.
I was dismayed to see the deterioration of the Kilsyth shopping centre ( Main St ) over the years with most of the old familiar shops closing their doors, being victims of the proliferation of motor vehicles and hence, people going further afield to go shopping.
The attached is a wee poem that came out of my heid after a visit home to Kilsyth.
Feel free to use it in print or on the website provided the copyright and name stay with it.
Have a good one mate !
Tom Jarvie