digitally modified kilsyth coat of arms -rk


rob kay 2002-3 - a small sample of photographic art - check out the main gallery

The image (left) is a digital manipulation of Kilsyth's Coat of Arms in the guise of a water lily.


Inside the Waterfall - Colzium estate - RK 

waterfall colzium
Digital photography is fun, and opens new possibilities. Here are a few examples, all taken from real life. 

Contributions welcome



Eiffel Tower, Paris, November 2003 - an impressionistic take on this classic monument



eiffel tower


Champs Elysee, Paris, November 2003  - early evening and the streetlamps and Christmas lights glisten off the wet road and the cars. champs elysees



Ghost Swan - Colzium estate - RK


Digital trees - Colzium estate - RK

digital tree