Open Space with Children's Playground

Waterfall Village Masterplan


Thinking of making the move to a new home at WATERFALL VILLAGE, KILSYTH? It may yet happen, though not quite as originally intended. A much modified proposal may now be on the cards, as a new developer has come onto the scene with a very different, more modest plan to build homes on this site.

This failed housing development was located on the site of a former Dolomite quarry in Kilsyth. Planned by Park Circus Homes, a team of deluded developers whose dreams (and those of their prospective customers) were sadly defeated by the realities of geology and their own lack of customer service, experience, honesty, technical and financial acumen. 

  • Local residents were subjected to years of excessive vibration, noise, dust and water pollution, whilst rights of way were blocked. Some homes along the Stirling Road were even flooded through careless blocking of culverts.
  • 200 homes were supposed to be under development in superb landscape close to schools, amenities, open country
  • Planting proposals for public areas and boundaries to private gardens
  • Design of two children's play areas
  • Design of open space and seating area
  • Progress on site was halted due to poor geological conditions. People who placed deposits were left high and dry as the site has changed hands several times.