Kilsyth shops we like!

A big selection of the very special shops we like and use every day in and around Kilsyth's vibrant and historic Main street. Use them or lose them! This page is NOT a serious review or directory, just a bit of fun, and your comments are most welcome. Sometime soon we will publish a revised list and some new photos including e.g. Lidls new supermarket - these things get out of date very quickly.

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Your comments and suggestions in maroon:

Q. You missed our favourite Bakery, Rennies!  Isobel

A. Your wish is our command - we have added it below

Q just to inform you of two new shops on Main St Kilsyth ...ANGIES hairdressing salon & Valhalla inks tattoo & bodypiercing studio both are to be found at 76, Main St Kilsyth - thank you hope it will bring things up to date!

A OK, will do, but in the meantime, here's a consolation prize, yes, a web page of your very own! Now, about that intimate piercing you offered me....!!!!

A new business on the street, Kelvin Valley Properties, is at 23 Main Street Kilsyth, G650AH

John Rafferty manages this friendly Kilsyth Estate Agency - buying and selling domestic and commercial real estate, property, houses and shops for sale or lease. Tel +44 (01236) 826661

robertsons.jpg (18829 bytes) Robertsons Electricals  


glens.jpg (17475 bytes) Glens Gifts - if you are stuck for a present or just want to browse, try Glens, for their attractive range of gifts and cards. Opposite the main post office.
Punjab Kilsyth

You've tried the cowboys - now try the Punjabis - spicy food and quite delicious, but their website is still a bit - well emergent. 

The Flower Shop

Moved - this is now a computer games shop.

Decorhome: we dont need to plug this popular store - they have all the plugs you need already, and just about all the decorum you will ever need. A general view of the Main Street  - this is a Wednesday afternoon so things are a bit quieter than usual.
Cants  Halloween Window

Scary Monsters and supercreeps....


Traditional pies, and a lot more besides.

McLachlan Opticians

Stylish specs - you'll enjoy the range of designer frames and meeting the highly professional staff.

Rennie's bakery

Rennie's has been baking since 1930 and is still going strong.

Supersavers Megastore


A new Chinese restaurant - has opened where once Meulan stood
Paul's Quality Butchers

Meet Paul - he is very serious about providing high quality Scottish meat and produce. A real, traditional Scottish butchers shop - highly recommended. 

Global video

There are videos, and then there are Global Videos.

The Cross Butchers

Some butchers are happy and some are ..well, cross!

Royal Bank of Scotland

You can bank on it. 24 hr cashpoint/ATM.


Kilsyth's best late night shopping is at the Arches, newspapers, groceries, you name it. 

Gulistan restaurant

The Gulistan - quality Tandoori cooking in a central location.


(taking all these pictures is thirsty work, so I popped in for a  quick beer)

Scarecrow the lounge bar is around the back - handy for those discreet briefings. (nudge nudge) I popped in for another quick beer. (hic!)
Upmarket hairdressers

Hair today, gone tomorrow...

Stanley Racing

Fancy a flutter? We recommend "Sudden death", for a place in the 3.35 at Chepstow. 

Visage Kilsyth already has the most beautiful ladies in Scotland, so what does Visage know that we dont ? DSCF0041.jpg (32851 bytes)This shop doesn't seem to have a name - c'mon guys, get that sign up, nobody knows what you are selling!

Delicious fish and chips, pizzas, and other take-away food from the angels. Great real Italian ice cream too. 

Gents barbers 

Haired a good one lately?

Just Sew

A stitch in time saves nine....

The Cosy

All the news that's fit to print, and then some....

DSCF0018.jpg (30985 bytes)Kingston newsagents - its a newsagents, its on the Kingston road, anyone want to write a review? DSCF0016.jpg (29896 bytes)Kilsyth Main Post Office

needs no introduction - all the usual postal services are on offer

DSCF0019.jpg (31428 bytes) House of Dragon

Chinese take away

DSCF0020.jpg (25142 bytes) Lloyds TSB Bank -for financial support and advice. 24hr Cashpoint round the side
DSCF0021.jpg (32576 bytes)Dhillon's - a rightly popular purveyor of an eclectic range of US, Indian, Italian and Middle eastern food - hot hot hot! DSCF0022.jpg (27507 bytes) William Hill - bookmakers
DSCF0031.jpg (31175 bytes)Car Care -  a small specialist retailer of all things vehicular - love me, love my Carburetor? DSCF0024.jpg (26445 bytes)Safeway - Now taken over by Morrison - or is it Somerfield? one of the three main supermarkets in Kilsyth, take your pick!
DSCF0032.jpg (29023 bytes) The Co-op pharmacy - last vestige of a once-great empire, this is a well-stocked and helpful local chemists with all mod cons DSCF0033.jpg (31385 bytes)More store - closed
DSCF0034.jpg (31873 bytes) Corrine's cafe - closed DSCF0052.jpg (30437 bytes)The Salon, hair stylists - closed
DSCF0054.jpg (34106 bytes) Cosy wear - not exactly the height of fashion, but good for a pair of socks or knickers, and what's wrong with that? DSCF0056.jpg (30753 bytes)Mellon Financial - for when the apples and bananas just aren't big enough for your growing family...
DSCF0039.jpg (32033 bytes)We are still trying to work out what happens behind that faded green facade...any suggestions? 

"I think the mysterious faded green facade might just hide the taxi headquarters....I may be wrong". Erin  Any other theories? Well, judging by recent headlines this is where the Kilsyth Taxi Mafia hangs out but maybe not?

DSCF0040.jpg (32305 bytes)Moss Pharmacy has just gone very green we notice - no not moss but fresh, minty gloss paint. 
DSCF0057.jpg (29058 bytes)The Kilsyth Credit Union - so you can shop till you drop and then shop some more.... a great place to break the nasty cycle of debt and talk to some people who can help. DSCF0058.jpg (35505 bytes)The Hospice Charity Shop - this has got to be a good cause, and its also great value, so pop in and buy something today!
DSCF0059.jpg (39479 bytes) Market Chambers - various offices DSCF0060.jpg (39072 bytes) Kilsyth Chronicle Offices

Where we would be without them?

alexsplace.jpg (12307 bytes)Alex's Place - a busy cafe and cake shop right by Somerfields, or is it Morrisons? DSCF0062.jpg (33830 bytes) 1869 - the Edmonstone Fountain
DSCF0063.jpg (30670 bytes)Tan-er-iefe - an even worse pun than the Tanfastic - offers the state-of-the-art tanning beds by Market Square DSCF0065.jpg (29160 bytes) Deluxe cuisine - Chinese take away - sadly is temporarily closed following a fire - lets wish the owners all the best and hope it is back trading soon.
The Beauty Room

Serious time to relax in this tiny but amazingly cool therapy suite. I thought I was pretty good looking before I went in, well, how wrong can you be!

The Aberdeen Fish Shop offers some of the freshest Scottish produce at the keenest prices - Scallops, kippers, mussels, scallops, oysters, crab, oysters, game, duck eggs - you name it. Delicious fresh gourmet food at keen prices. 
R.A. Cants is a unique Kilsyth emporium - a wonderful range of cards, toys, gifts and bargains lies behind that listed facade. 

(Listed buildings in Kilsyth link)

We got so thirsty shopping we stopped for another swift pint - The Scarecrow offers a wide range of beers and wines, good food, and some of the best company this side of the border. Cheers!
Don't forget your local supermarkets  - Somerfields  offers a great choice of groceries, friendly staff, local message board and small ads, newspapers, videos and some excellent wines and spirits. 

"Somerfields is our favourite" Edith and Bessie Stevenson

A good hairdressers should be a place to relax and feel pampered - Hairwayz is THE popular place to chill out in relaxed surroundings.
There are veg shops and veg shops - but Millers is in the Harrods league for variety, freshness, great service, petfood, quality birdfeeders and competitive prices. Forget the supermarket - this is THE shop to really veg out!  hanifs1.jpg (33297 bytes)Hanif's offers that classic corner shop ambience, a great selection of toys and novelties. Plus tobacco, comics, and everything else you can think of.

"Hanif's is also handy to buy a paper before you go to the bus stop." says Margaret. Well, and so it is.

Blockbusters Video

Who you gonna call? Blockbusters of course!

This space is currently vacant - why not locate your business in Kilsyth?

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