Jordan climbing(2)

Jordan seems to be getting into this climbing was Leighton's 8th birthday today (Sun 27th May) so following a hearty meal of organic Scottish sea trout the night before, the boys decided to climb Ben Vorlich 3250ft  - their first Munro - for a laugh, except they hadn't quite planned for such an epic! 

This climb has attracted some very positive media attention: see linksSnowboard Insurance


11 am. Starting off from Loch Earn, all sweetness and smiles - that's Ben Vorlich in the distance by the way. Looks innocent enough, doesn't it? Yeah, and the North face of the Eiger makes a good postcard too.....
11.30 am Hmm, still nice picture postcard scenery to look at, it's a walk in the park. Time for a picnic? Tuna sandwiches, naturally.
1.30 pm  Loch Earn starts to recede into the distance, and distant peaks come into view. Nearly half way - another nice wee chance for a rest.
2.45 pm. Getting into the clouds is tough - where did the view go? Maybe we should have gone fly fishing on Loch Earn instead?
3 pm. Finally, the tough guys can relax on the summit cairn, but that's when the first snow starts to drift in and the going gets really nasty...
4 pm. Jo isn't impressed by the change in the weather - he's off down. But going down is harder than it looks.
4.30 pm Hmm, its getting very cold and bleak up here. Where has summer gone?
5.45 pm. After a long struggle down slippery slopes, the conditions improve for the tired boys
There's even time to relax and joke a little.
Wave hello to the camera - but feet are getting very sore in those wellies.....
8 pm. Down at last, and time for a well-earned hug. Nine hours of hard effort....and worth every blister!

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