Safari Adventure June 2007

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We all met up at the Safari Park near Stirling on 3rd June 2007. About 160 people came along.

We had a big tent. The lunch was good - and there was plenty for everyone.
The buffet lunch   Watching the Taiko drummers
A peacock came to visit!   Taiko is the Japanese word for "Big drum"
Everyone was clapping.   Some people were taking pictures
Some people were just happy to watch.   Some children were dancing.
It was a good chance to meet old friends   And to make some new friends too.
Watching the drummers   It was a lot of fun for everyone.
Even the babies enjoyed the music   Friendship is important.
We all had a chance to try drumming.   Some people have natural talent
Everyone can bang a drum.   After twenty minutes practice, our team were getting very good.
Then there was time to enjoy the amusements.   Watching the performing sea-lions
The sea lions were very clever.   Going on the rides. It was a great day out.

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