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FISH test? Whatever next? ......

Perplex'd and troubled by their dreams
Those Scientists who study genes
Devised some tests: the Triple screen
The AFP, The Amnio and more....
Their silken voices hint of hope
(but not of future cures..)
Exterminate the unborn babes
That Chair will soon be yours!

"My child, my son, my darling boy,
These Idols I abhor,
Forgive them, son, for what they do
'Tis you that I adore".

"For Reason has its rightful place,
And Metaphysics too,
But unborn children cannot cry,
Whilst Doctors fail to see what's True;
Had we but World enough and Time
We'd find that Science is sublime,
But Time my son, hath us in thrall....
Let's use it: - Come and kick a ball!"

"My child, my son, my perfect boy,
These fools you must ignore,
Forgive them, son for what they do
'Tis you that I adore".

2000 all rights reserved RK



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