''I felt as though I'd lost a child - the child I'd been expecting"
Having a child with Down's syndrome
can provoke a whole range of emotions.
Parents can feel their whole world has been
turned upside down and these feelings can
affect grandparents, siblings and other
relatives too. Shock, fear, anger, guilt,
anxiety, and grief are often experienced, as
are deep feelings of love and protectiveness.
There is no right way to feel and no right
way to cope.
'I'd done everything right. Taken care of
myself and the baby. How could this have
happened to us. It just seemed so unfair'~
'I was afraid to take him out in the pram.
I felt embarrassed by him - and
disgusted at myself for feeling that way."
'I was afraid for the future, but I knew we'd
give her all the love any baby could have. "
Making sense of these emotions can be
difficult. Often family members feel they
have to be strong for others around
them. They can feel guilty about some
of the feelings they are experiencing.
Sometimes just looking after a new
baby can take all the strength a parent has.
Downs Information Support
and Contact
Getting help and information on Down's
syndrome can seem like just too much effort.
Downs Information Support and Contact
more than just a listening ear.
DISC is a voluntary organisation run by
parents who have all felt those emotions.
As part of the West of Scotland branch of
Down's Syndrome Scotland, we're here
to help when things seem bleak.
Whatever you're feeling, our parent
contacts will neither judge, criticise nor
minimise your experience. We won't swap stories. Nor will we give you advice.
What we will do is listen - and understand.
If you need information we'll try to help you find it. If you want to meet up with others in a similar situation, we'll try to put you in touch and if you want us to, we'll keep in contact as your baby grows.

 Whenever you're ready - we're at the end of the phone.

Maybe later.....

DISC is here to help all families affected by DS, not just those with new babies. You may be worried about your child's development, health or education options. You may be feeling a little low for no apparent reason. Whatever your concern, we are here to listen. If you live in the west of Scotland, and need to speak to someone in confidence, call the DISC answer phone service on 0794-7054370 

We promise to return your call within 24 hours.


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