Craft fair - for artists, traders, charities, name it!

KIC 2007: August 12th

Charges: Crafts (sole craftspeople, charities and artists) : 25 per stall, payable by cheque in advance.  contact us

Toys and commercials, catering and others: fee schedule from 50 on application.

Terms and conditions: crafts and vendors must and abide by Scottish law, KICS health and safety regulations and the instructions of the organisers in terms of site etc. Vendors must provide their own stalls and furnishings. The decision of the organisers is final.

Photos below: KIC 2004 and 2005 carried a wide variety of catering, craft, charity, promotional, arts and general interest stalls, and this seems set to continue.

Application: contact us

2006 - Craft Fair Pictures (slideshow) - see how the event has grown

Below: A few pictures from previous years trading.

Cassandra  of Camptea Catering Lotus Gecko craftsGemma and Lisa - facepainters
Burger van Spicy chicken BBQ

and please support  - one of the local -but global- charities KICS are proud to help.