DANCE @ KIC 2007

Abolicao Capoeira

Originally created by African slaves in Brazil, this is an astonishing martial art/dance hybrid. Mestre Delei Kacula created the international group of Capoeira Abolicao in the early 1990’s. Today the group has branches round the world including USA, Brazil, Columbia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico and the UK.


'Eletricat Dance', as developed by Thaissa Luna, is a mix of many dance styles. A fusion of Brazilian street dances with other Afro Latin dances in a contemporary round, sensual and powerful electric style. Her dance background includes Samba & Sambareggae, Capoeira, Maracatu, Frevo, Caboclinho, Lambada, contemporary dance, Jazz, Salsa & Belly-dance. Eletricat runs her own Brazilian club night: Carnaval Night - Scotland's biggest Brazilian club see:

Classes take place in Glasgow's west end and city centre.


 Eletricat on the dance arena at KIC 2007


Glasgow Hong Lok Lion Dancing Team

Glasgow Hong Lok Dragon and Lion Dancing Team are:

"The Traditional and Veritable Lion Dance"

The lion dance originated in China close to a thousand years ago. The lion is traditionally regarded as a guardian creature. It is featured in Buddhist lore, being the mount of Manjusri. There are different variations of the lion dance in other Asian cultures including mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Okinawa, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Singapore, with each region possessing their own styles.

Http:// .


Deseo Flamenco

Deseo made an oustanding contribution to Kilsyth International Carnival Society 2005, and we are delighted to have them back.

Flamenco embodies a complex musical and cultural tradition. Although considered part of the culture of Spain in general, flamenco actually originates from one region —Andalusia. It is generally acknowledged that flamenco grew out of the unique interplay of native Andalusian, Islamic, Sephardic, and Gypsy cultures that existed in Andalusia prior to and after the Reconquest. Latin American and especially Cuban influences have also been important in shaping several flamenco musical forms.


Two years ago KICs founder members Rob and Suleman went out to northern Ghana to recruit traditional drummers and dancers. They were hoping to perform at KIC and the G8 summit Make Poverty History rally in Edinburgh. However, there was a wrangle over visas and they never made it. This year, with help from the Lottery fund to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, they are finally here, in time to also celebrate Ghana’s 50th year of independence from UK colonial rule. Feel the beat from the heart of Africa – the original source of so much modern music from jazz to rock – unmissable.



Glasgow Oriental Dancing Association

GODA aims to help children in the Chinese and local communities to develop an interest and knowledge in Chinese culture and art and to tutor traditional Chinese & contemporary dances to young people aged from 5 to18. GODA participated the 2006 Beijing Wangfujing Street International Youth 'Perform in Harmony with the Olympic Spirit' festival on 13 July 2006 and visited Dalian China in July 2007.

Tel No: 07966-350288

Chinese dancers at KIC 2007


Joanne Carr School of Dance has over 250 pupils, aged from 3 to 25. Classes are held in ballet, tap, stage and baton and the dance school has achieved a 100% pass rate in BATD examinations. The JC Pompoms Cheerleading Squad have gained first place trophies at national and international level.

Enquiries to or  0141 578 7670  or 07738 613 720

Marvels Cheerleaders

The magnificent Marvels cheerleaders provide the highest energy to every KIC, and will soon be enrolling for their 2007/08 season - check local press for details,

Mio Shapley

Conducted the Japanese Tea Ceremony at Colzium house.CHA-NO-YU

Cha-no-yu is the art of living.

A celebration of the spirit of the seasons.

Harmony, Respect, Purity and Tranquillity

It serves to bring people together in a heart to heart sharing of nature, which satisfies not only our physical thirst but also our spiritual needs.


Mirage Belly Dancers

For sheer carnival colour, fun and mischief, the ladies of Mirage are unbeatable! Originally from the Middle East, belly dancing has rapidly spread across the world, and is a great way to keep fit, as well as providing a great dance spectacle.

Want a go? Ask Joanie:

Sabor Caribeño

Ana Martinez and Kenny teach Cuban Salsa Dancing in Largs. Previously she taught in the Isle of Bute, Gleneagles and Argentina. Pupils learn Cuban Style Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha.

For the festival they will perform Tango-Salsa (fusion), Merengue and Salsa Cubana (coreo with the students group)

tel:  07780 880671.



The Starlets

An energetic and fun cheerleading group led by highly qualified coach Dominique Harkins, the Starlets always impress with their energetic routines and great team spirit.

Cheer, dance, competition and gymnastic classes and cheer/ keep-fit for adults.

For enrollment tel: 01236 824051


Yoshie Asano

Yoshie San is a Japanese Bon dancer and singer of Min’yo. A former pupil of Master Umewaka Asano, she has performed at festivals in Japan, New Zealand, Canada, Germany and the USA. In 1986 she was winner of the Nippon Kyodo Japanese Folk Song Association. She moved to Scotland in 1998, teaches and demonstrates Japanese culture, singing and folk dance across the UK.

Tel: 0141 620 0675