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KICS 2007 Music: Program Notes

Your expert MC on the Colzium Stage: Micky Saad of Fugees United juggles mike, pen and programme whilst making a few hasty changes to the running order !!


Enthusiastic audiences seen from the Colzium Stage defy the squally weather.



At a recent Barrowlands gig, Emergenza finalists Alex, Chris, Angus, Euan and Brian were totally in control…the set shimmied effortlessly from catchy pop through funk to jazz-rock, with some great audience participation. “Just dance  everybody ..clap your hands” could easily become the next Scottish street anthem and “That’s Just Me” hits the sweet spot everytime you hear it. Listen out for some of the slickest lyrics, electrifying instrumentals and the catchiest riffs you are likely to hear outside of Glastonbury or T in the Park - which is where this fine young band is undoubtedly heading. Shades of Simply Red? You decide! But listening to these musicians makes me want to shout out loud and curl up inside at the same time…and that can’t be so bad. RK




Blueflint are the duelling banjos of Deborah Arnott and Clare-Louise Neilson.

Blueflint's material is heavily influenced by Bluegrass and American Old-time music and they subtly intertwine the three-finger picking and clawhammer styles of banjo playing to accompany smooth vocals and harmonies in songs and ballads of love, loss and revenge.

The duo formed in 2003 and since then have toured extensively.  Radio appearances have included a live set on Archie Fisher's 'Travelling Folk' show on BBC Radio Scotland in June 2006, and on Medicine Music's 'Medicine Show' via Scottish Internet Radio. They also appeared on the Danny Kyle Open Stage as part of the Celtic Connections Festival in January 2007.


Chi Weapon

Formed in 2001, Chi Weapon started life on the little Isle of Bute as a humble 3-piece rock band but have since re-located to Glasgow. Individuals have came and went and came again but the staunch ethos of the band remains. Namely the complete disregard of rules whilst maintaining a keen but cautious interest in them. Music then follows. Chi Weapon have performed in most of Scotland's dirtiest venues with the odd journey down south of the border.

Line up: Mike B - Guitar/Vocals, Ben (The Admiral) McCulloch - Drums, Geez - Keys, Brian Branford – Bass



David Sneddon – appearing with David Mullins on guitar - – won the first UK series of  Fame Academy in 2002. David had a UK No 1 with “Stop Living The Lie” in January 2003, and a number 3 hit with “Don’t Let Go”, in April. His debut album, Seven Years – Ten Weeks, released in April 2003, entered the UK albums chart at number 5.

In 2005 David co-wrote “The Message” for UK soul artist Nate James. David had four songs picked up by other artists worldwide in 2006. In 2007 David began writing with the British singer/ songwriter Julian Perretta for his debut album.

David Sneddon Fan Websites

also of interest:



Demon Drummers

KICS Taiko group was set up in 2006 and they have performed widely at festivals across Scotland. The band are currently recruiting new members: to enquire phone Kirsty on 01236 829850


Federation Of The Disco Pimp

The Federation was formed at the start of 2005 in Glasgow. Their set is composed entirely of neck-dippin’, gut-thumpin’ party funk with original tunes and unusual takes on rare funk classics.  Obscenely infectious and impossible not to dance to, they’ve managed to resurrect the art of ‘dancing like crazy to funky music’ in Glasgow and have ambitions to conquer the world; starting in Kilsyth of course – well where else!



Two years ago KICs founder members Rob and Suleman went out to northern Ghana to recruit traditional drummers and dancers. They were hoping to perform at KIC and the G8 summit Make Poverty History rally in Edinburgh. However, there was a wrangle over visas and they never made it. This year, with help from the Lottery fund to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the abolition of slavery, they are finally here, in time to also celebrate Ghana’s 50th year of independence from UK colonial rule. Feel the beat from the heart of Africa – the original source of so much modern music from jazz to rock – unmissable.


Indiana Gregg

Indiana Gregg certainly let us know that she was celebrating her birthday on the 12th August, with a couple of impromptu choruses of "Happy Birthday to Me!" She entered the spirit of carnival, in more ways than one!

Her album Woman At Work skilfully fuses infectious soulful pop with sweeping rock to create out-and-out the most refreshing sound of 2007.

Born in the bible-belt of the Midwest, Indiana Gregg’s debut album is the sound of an artist truly coming of age, with 35 years worth of experience fuelling her highly-polished songwriting.

Now based in Glasgow, this mother-of-three has a maturity and authenticity that courses through her material. From this springs a set of songs that are musically sophisticated and lyrically worldly-wise.




Glasgow-based Indie rockers, Invective let the music do all the talking. “Bonobo” is a spiralling instrumental tour de force that has a mystic Moody Blues/Floyd retro feel – perfect festival material. “Raves” starts with a growly bass riff and builds layer upon layer of incandescent pure rock….like Hendrix reborn.

Invective are: Bass- Matt Drums- Adam Guitar- Liam Guitar- Tom



Kilsyth Thistle

The Scottish Pipe Band Association has awarded Kilsyth Thistle Pipe Band many honours over the years.  They are held in high regard by local residents and much further afield - truly "Kilsyth's pride". The Thistle are always interested in training new recruits:

tel: 01236 824417




"Leeds' funkiest indie-pop five-piece" In March 2005, the band entered and won a battle of the bands competition for young Leeds bands. After this initial success, they beat 39 other bands to win an all-expenses 5-day trip to play a music festival and nightclub venues in France.

Saxophonist Dan White became a permanent member in July 2005, cementing the band's sound. In 18 months the band went from strength-to-strength, notching up over 50 gigs, winning over fans from Nottingham to Northumberland and playing festivals in Ireland and France.



XFM winning, falsetto-fuelled Indie rock crusaders were Emergenza finalists 2005 @ Carling Academy. Their 2006 releases “Home” and “Tumbing Down” both reached No 1 in the US musicgram charts. Their album “Idealist” was released in 2006 and incorporates live perfomance material. Tom on guitar, Ants on Bass, Charlos on drums. Oh, and did we forget to say they sound brilliant!




Veterans of KIC 2006, we simply had to invite this hard-rocking Croy band back by popular demand. Listening to their recent work, they have matured and developed hugely over the past year – the wild boys of rock have become the (slightly!) quieter men of 2007 and the music, timing and lyrics are now tinged with greater subtlety as in the superb teen-angst slow-paced anthem of “Mortigi Tempo” or the much faster musical funfair ride thrills of “Black Market”. There’s some sadness there, maybe even some anger, but the mood has also become more lyrical, the humour still returns to blow the blues away and the wide ranging use of electronic effects has increased the variety and intensity of musical expression. One to watch.


Peatbog Faeries

The Peatbog Faeries have played to audiences all over the world. Recent highlights have been tours and concerts in Australia, Borneo and America as well as prominent festivals and gigs around the UK and Europe. 2005 and 2006 saw the band promoting their latest album,"Croftwork" with some extensive touring, including festivals such as Glastonbury, Cambridge and Beautiful Days. In November 2005, the band won the award for 'Best Live Act' at the prestigious Scots Trad Music Awards.

Scotsman: “The escalating party momentum of the last half hour was akin to a Celtic rave, eliciting waves of euphoria from the crowd and uniting the tribes in dance”. 



Samantha Seth

No stranger to KIC, but a late addition to the KICS 2007 line up, Samantha managed to pack in two spectacular and powerful sets on the acoustic and Colzium stages, to the delight of her many fans! Love the new guitar, Samantha!


Stewart Traquair

Glasgow based singer/songwriter Stewart Traquair was born in Pretoria, South Africa.

Back in Glasgow, Scotland released 3 e.p’s: Levelled – 2002, The Three Sides of Perception – 2004 and Hello, Good Times Goodbye – 2005. After a spell in New Zealand, he returned to Glasgow in 2006 where he recorded his first full length record – ‘Waiting for the Day to Begin’ with Traquair in a mellow mood.  Newly released, ‘The Purpose of the Hopelessly Immoral’ finds Traquair back to the darker side of thinking.

Highly recommended.



The Canny Clamjaphries Ceilidh Band

In Oct 2006, a new gathering of musicians formed in Kilsyth, performing a selection of melodies spanning from traditional ceilidh dance tunes to haunting laments and improvisations based on traditional themes. As the name suggests, they are a gathering of the not worthless.  Aiming to produce a unique blend of Scottish tradition with up to date creations incorporating traditional instruments with more contemporary in both music and songs. 


The Mode

In two busy years the Mode have picked up a strong fanbase in Scotland. Their supporters include a string of DJs from Xfm Scotland. Susan Hay and Al Lorraine can regularly be spotted at their gigs, while Fraser Thomson of music:response can regularly be seen participating in the infamous Mode Dance-offs at their after-parties. As a band championed by Scotland's new music station The Mode went on to become Xposure band of the week
on influential DJ Jim Gellatly's show.

Michael Spence - Bass/Backing Vocals Jimmy McNealy - Lead guitar/Vocals- Stevie Dunn - Lead vocals/Rythm guitar- Richie McHugh – drums


Rhythm Wave

Rhythm Wave are an electrifying percussion band mixing beats from Brazil with Rap and various other Afro-latin beats. The band is a wave of Brazilian energy & will be playing with Eletricat Brazilian dancers.

The performance group is made up of music students and graduates from Perth College. Band founder and leader Ronnie Goodman (aka Festiva) is a musician, composer and also teacher at Perth College.

Rhythm Wave have performed all around the UK and Europe, and this year performed at their NINTH Glastonbury Festival.

Contact Ronnie Goodman on Mob.07974579927



Tramps And Horses

There's a heartbeat in Manchester that keeps the place alive. It is more than a band, more than a statement, more than politics. It is spiritual. It's main scribes and voices are Vince and Dee. Its pulse is Keith and Neil. Its flamboyance and embellishment is Pete. Its charm and elegance from Anna and Vanessa. Try to pigeon hole their music and you'll waste precious time. Just listen, then feel, then become a part of.



Wingin’ It

Wingin' It! are an exciting new duo performing a wide range of virtuoso guitar and mandolin styles. Whether it's Django-style jazz, rip-roaring bluegrass (yee..haw!) or brazilian craziness, they pretty much try and cover everything!
They are currently writing and recording orginal pieces (soon to be available to listen to on MySpace).
You can see them performing all over Scotland. They have been known to start songs don't really know! Hence the name 'Wingin' It!'. The results can sometimes be magical, but are always entertaining!!


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