Dance at KIC 2006      

Whatever your taste in performance, KIC comes up with the best dance talent year after year !

Breaking Dance News:


Do you wanna learn to dance? Most of these groups welcome learners:


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In order of appearance:
bulletMirage Belly Dancers
bulletJoanne Carr's Dance School
bulletDynamics Krew Break dancers
bulletSenzala Scotland
bulletEletricat Brazilian
bulletKilsyth Starlets Cheerleaders
bulletTracey Harvey
bulletMags Marvels
bullet Tribal belly dancers

Tribal belly dance  :


The basic starting point is traditional Arabic moves like those of the Gwaazee Bedouin desert  tribes and layered upon these are moves from other dance forms like Indian, Spanish and African. The main difference is that the dances are generally not choreographed and that each move has a cue that others will follow. Tricky to start with but once you get the hang of it you're off! You may dance to a piece of music 20 times but each time you do it will be different depending on who leads it as any one in the troupe can at any point take the lead. Are you following this? Sometimes it's done in a circle or as a duet, triplet and so on with a chorus group behind. There are many combinations and formations but again as the pieces are not fully choreographed anything can happen.

The costumes are generally gypsy like or gothic instead of sparkly and there isn't much flesh on show like there can be in regular belly dance.


Eletricat Brazilian Dancers:


For sheer spectacle and fun in the true spirit of carnival, there is nothing to beat Eletricat - a group of Brazilian and Latin parade dancers who know how to party, in the style of the famous Rio De Janeiro carnival. Eletricat will be performing on the dance arena, in front of the Colzium stage with Sambalistic, and taking part in the Parade to the beat of Sambalistic.

If you want to talk call us on 07813940220


Brazilian Capoeira Group Senzala Scotland
Video clip - see Senzala in action

Group Senzala's history begins in 1963 in Rio de Janeiro. The group is probably the most famous Capoeira group in the world thanks to its many masters and other technicians teaching Capoeira. First introduced to Great Britain in 1971 by Nestor Capoeira but did not flourish until 1989, with the arrival of Fernando C.C. Albuquerque (Mestre Gato).
There are now local branches of Grupo Senzala  in USA, Portugal, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Denmark, Serbia, and Finland.

Break Dance @ kic2006


When classically trained dancers first saw what was happening on the streets of the USA's urban ghettoes in the 1970's, they couldn't believe their own eyes. Dance had never been so gymnastic, so funky, or so technically difficult as this. Spawning a myriad of musical and artistic breakaways, Hip Hop and Break dancing, along with the associated street fashion of  skateboards, baggy tops  and trainers, was much more than a fad, and now it has spread across the globe.

Kilsyth Academy and the Campsie villages are home to some extremely dedicated young break dancers: sweeping award after award. Come along and be prepared to believe that gravity is all in the mind!

break-dance slideshow    and the website, stills, video etc:

OmBollywood and Firestarter dances: contact SAAA


Om appears by kind arrangement of SAAA (Scottish Academy of Asian Arts)

From the age of 5 Om was attracted towards dance and spirituality.  Now at his artistic peak, Mehul is a consummate professional artist who brings his whole being into his performance. 

From the age of 18, Om received four years professional training from Guru Shri Hosi Mulla. He has performed in Bombay and participated in numerous inter-college festivals such as Malhar, Mood Indigo, Kaleidoscope and Brouhaha, achieving considerable recognition. Following his highly successful debut at KIC 2005, this year Om brings us two new and vibrant dances from the subcontinent.

Mirage Belly Dancers


Belly dancing is a very ancient art form from the cradle of civilisation, Arabia (the almost legendary part of the world which is now split between Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the gulf states, often regarded as the original Garden of Eden). Some folk say that Carnival itself has its roots in those ancient days, and if so, then the Mirage troupe are right at the heart of what Carnival represents.

 Mirage have been performing together for over 5 years.  With a core group of professional dancers and an ever changing line up  of new talent they have performed at festivals and gala days all over Scotland. 

Try this link  Zuleika

Kilsyth Starlets Cheerleaders



Cheerleading Classes - Dance, Stunting & Gymnastics. In Kilsyth, Cumbernauld & Banknock

Joanne Carr's Dance school Contact



Joanne Carr has had the experience of teaching all aspects of dance in Kilsyth for 22 years. Dancers travel from local areas to train with the School two to three times per week.

The girls are taught tap, ballet, disco, stage, acrobatics, gymnastics and majorette and ages range from 3 to 25. Joanne is assisted by a qualified Cheer Coach who trains the JC PomPoms Cheerleading Squad alongside her.

All the girls take part in an annual Show and Stage Production, as well as BATD examinations to further the pupils in the knowledge of dancing and provide them with dancing qualifications.
Enrolment for the school takes place at the start of each school year and is publicised in local press.

Anyone wishing further information on joining the Joanne Carr School of Dance can use the provided Contact Page. Joanne and her team will be more than happy to provide any details required.

Marguerite Modica School of Dance:


Girls and boys come from Kilsyth, Croy, Lennoxtown, Banknock, Milton of Campsie and Kirkintilloch. The cheerleaders have performed with great success at KIC for the last three years, putting on a fantastic demonstration of their skills and energy.

Tracey Harvey School of Dance


The Tracey Harvey School of Dance