Bands at KIC 2006 (1)

Almighty me   Craigenroan* Chief Suleman Chebe  KICS Demon Drummers  Junkateers: Jazz trio  Kilsyth Thistle Pipe Band*** Kinaeda  Kings of Cheeze*  Mr Tubaobu   Overcry  SOSS  Samantha Seth  Sambalistic*** SoundCradle  The Mode  ZUBA

Key * = also appeared at KIC  2005  * = KIC 2004  * =  KIC 2003

Carol Creighton Band   Almighty Me
Almighty Me   detail
The Mode   Anna from Zuba
Jerry from Zuba   Zuba
Mr Tubaob'u brass section   Mr Tubaob'u on the Colzium stage, Summer afternoon sunshine
 The Spin Offs :picture from their Myspace website   Soundcradle at the West End:   

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