Dance at KIC 2005

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Pictures by (mostly) Jim Bamford and (break dance) Rob Kay

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KICS Dance Co-ordinator - Fawzia Khan left

Tracey Harvey School of Dance

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The Tracey Harvey School of Dance performed for the first time at KIC2005.  They specialise in majorettes and also performed a few routines and joined the parade. They ran a stall to sell balloons, streamers, bubbles etc. to help them fundraise for competitions which they attend regularly.

Marguerite Modica  

coaches a cheerleading squad (The Marvels), and runs a dance school (Marguerite Modica School of Dance).  Girls and boys come from Kilsyth, Croy, Lennoxtown, Banknock, Milton of Campsie and Kirkintilloch. The cheerleaders performed with great success at the carnival last year, however this is the  dance schools first appearance and we hope they will become a regular high point of the event.

Kilsyth Starlets Cheerleaders 

 The amazing Kilsyth Starlets will need little introduction to a Kilsyth audience. They have won numerous awards and are one of the leading groups in the UK. We were delighted to welcome them back to KIC 2005

Joanne Carr’s School of Dance/JC Pompoms

Joanne Carr trains many of the most talented young dancers in the Kilsyth area. She also produces an annual spectacular cabaret, involving hundreds of dancers of all ages and abilities. This year Joanne introduced a new squad – the JC Pompoms, who are guaranteed to provide a big thrill with their splendid costumes and tight routines.


Mehul Garg is a highly experienced dancer. Kathak (which literally means ‘storyteller’) is a discipline designed for males and females. This North Indian dance was often performed in royal courts in India and is based around a straight-legged stance. This stance combined with the subtlety of torso movement gives optimum control over the rhythmic footwork and high-speed chakkars (pirouettes), which are its hallmark, whilst hand gestures and facial expressions are underplayed, with emphasis on subtle communication.

Flamenco: Deseo & Guests

Glasgow based Flamenco Group DESEO brought a taste of Andalucian sunshine to KICs fiesta celebrations. Combining the exciting rhythms of Flamenco with the dramatic & unmistakable sound of Spanish guitar they created a colourful and passionate dance spectacle. 

The core members Lorna Cochrane, Derek Cochrane & Jim Opfer perform regularly in and around Glasgow going from strength to strength. At KIC 2005 they performed with guest dancers from Dance With Attitude & The Pena de Glasgow. Also combining with the Flamenco was an exciting salsa performance from Salsa Sabrosa.

Salsa Sabrosa

Performing today with Deseo, core members of Salsa Sabrosa, Alexis Alonso and Karen Pasi bring you a taste of Latin America with an exciting salsa performance. Established for 10 years, Salsa Sabrosa popularised salsa with their fun packed classes and Salsa Club nights at Havana, Glasgow.  

Two years ago Karen & Alexis opened their own dance studios & venue in Scotstoun (Dance with Attitude tel: 0141 5813401) where they run classes in a range of styles from Salsa to Streetdance and put on fabulous cabaret nights with dance performances from both professional and amateur groups.

Mirage Arabic Dancers

Belly dancers video

have been performing together for over 5 years.  With a core group of professional dancers and an ever changing line up  of new talent they have performed at festivals and gala days all over Scotland.  They have been one of the headline acts at the North Glasgow International Festival for the past 4 years and never fail to delight audiences of all ethnic groups. A group of great variety and experience, there's always something in their performances to appeal to and inspire everyone. 

The Flying Jalapenos  Break dance video

are the premier b-boy crew in Glasgow/West Central Scotland - and because of delays in the programme they arrived on stage around 7:30 pm. The core members, Stevie & Maule have been performing together for almost 4 years now. The crew is expanding and has members from Troon, Edinburgh and as far afield as Germany, France & Holland. Those who stayed on saw some spectacular stuff with excellent footwork and power moves. Whenever the Jalapenos are flying, it's guaranteed 2b HOT!!!

Electricat - Brazilian Parade dancers

Thaissa, from Brazil, is a professional dance teacher, and this year she is invited a group of young international dancers to perform in the Rio de Janeiro carnival tradition –  bringing some real Latin American glamour to the Colzium!

Your pictures?

Our photographer Jim Bamford can't be everywhere - Do you have any great pictures of KIC2005  dancers - email them to us and see them here!

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