Craft fair and vendors, 2005

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Lotus Gecko Tibetan Crafts Fundraising for Kilsyth Academy Kenya trip Fundraising for Rwanda Brazilian crafts
Adun Catering Ltd, African and Caribbean Cuisine Chocolate heaven The Jewellery Barrow Stirlings Amusements Shooting Gallery
DSC_7734.jpg (59971 bytes) DSC_7735.jpg (55359 bytes) Stirlings amusements - bouncy castle Gulistan restaurant, Kilsyth  tel Nazir 07980 297364
DSCF0001.JPG (51890 bytes) DSC_7841.jpg (49199 bytes) DSC_7782.jpg (53495 bytes) DSC_7907.jpg (64537 bytes)
DSCF0004.JPG (61201 bytes) lotus gecko danny's snacks DSCF0081.JPG (49207 bytes)
Cathie Craigie MSP and friends Sam's balloons, Dullatur tel: 01236 735800 Programme selling volunteers DSCF0088.JPG (64996 bytes)
DSCF0089.JPG (73353 bytes) DSCF0096.JPG (59142 bytes) DSCF0095.JPG (44869 bytes) Temporary tattoos by John Semple
Balloon fun Stirlings funfair DSCF0099.JPG (56206 bytes) Ice cream from John Harkins
Ice cream from Raymond Carroll Our volunteers helping at Carnival Central - soft drinks and crisps John Thompson's bar and beertent tel: 01236 824010 DSCF0144.JPG (56678 bytes)
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