KIC 2005

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Carnival 2005:

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sideline kilsyth bandare hugely popular with Kilsyth Academy students and friends. Their performance at KIC2005 was mature, tight, and extremely enjoyable, and we hope they will be back before too long to give us some more of their unique talents! 

Sideline have been playing together since the summer of 2000 with various line-ups including original members Bob on drums and Kev on guitar. Scott stepped in on bass and the trio began learning cover songs and tentatively stepping into the world of song writing.

Titch joined on guitar and the band's musical talents began to flourish. Bob then miraculously discovered an incredible voice, thus leaving a gap behind the kit. A gap that Graham Stirling gladly jumped into from his former band ‘Deathcharge’ to fill.

The band, all of whom hail from Milton of Campsie, and four of whom are former Kilsyth Academy pupils, have been enjoying creating melodic rock ever since. They gained second place in the very competitive and prestigious North Lanarkshire Adult Battle Of The Bands and also a support slot with Big Vern N' The Shootahs who played to a packed Hamden park at the Champions League Final.  
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Fiery Jack is a West Lothian based group whose musical repertoire consist of a mix of Scottish - Celtic - alternative folk  songs. A few songs from their repertoire include: Ye Jacobites, Brother My Cup Is Empty, Raggle Taggle Gypsy, and many more popular perennials. 

We were bowled over with their raw energy on stage, their uncompromising but tender interpretations of Irish and Scottish ballads and sing-along classics, and their complete mastery of both their music and their audience. We took along a beer, laid back in the grass, and we weren't disappointed!

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Lucerna (The band formerly known as Fred)

Lucerna are a local band who graduated from Kilsyth Academy a few years ago. By popular demand, (yes, your views count!)  Lucerna played KIC2005 for the first time.  With a massive 3000 watt sound rig at our disposal, Lucerna live was something we felt ready to check out. They blew us away with some of the best live music ever heard at the Colzium.

The band have toured Scotland and begun making their first forays south of the border. Having previously supported bands such as The Hives, Delays, Spiritualized and The Buzzcocks, and released two successful singles, the band have recently been given a fantastic opportunity to record their debut album with Beetroot records. Watch this band on their inexorable way up - we were very lucky to have them, let's close our eyes and wish they come back for another virtuoso performance another year.

Lucerna - the band formerly known as Fred DSC_7817.jpg (23370 bytes) DSC_7819.jpg (20031 bytes) DSC_7821.jpg (21159 bytes)

Kilsyth Thistle Pipe band

Renowned for their outstanding musicianship, rhythmic discipline, and magnificent turnout, Kilsyth Thistle rightly took the pride of place at KIC 2005, carried our Kilsyth coat of arms on their drum, and led the Carnival Parade. Kilsyth is a wee town with a long, long history and a big, big heart - and the magnificent Thistle made us all feel very proud to live here amongst musical giants!

Kilsyth thistle pipe band DSCF0062.JPG (46127 bytes) DSCF0064.JPG (56018 bytes) DSC_7868.jpg (73558 bytes)

Kilsyth coat of arms DSC_7873.jpg (30258 bytes)


Along with Kilsyth Thistle, Sambalistic is the only band to have played at all three KICS in 2003, 2004, and today. Hailing from West Lothian they are a large community based samba band who have delighted audiences at some of Scotland’s biggest venues and stadiums, and along with the Thistle provide our parade with that extra-special Latin beat that gives all the dancers a swing in their step. See also Sambalistic 2004

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Still Game

are a  highly experienced four piece band who are guaranteed to please with their thoughtful interpretations of rock classics and contemporary chart music. The band gigs regularly in Edinburgh and Glasgow venues and has recently returned from a short tour in Europe. 

Contact: 01236 760133 mob: 07947143517 email gordonc at

Still Game the band DSC_7913.jpg (19702 bytes)

Kings of Cheeze

The long-awaited EP/CD from the 'Kings of Cheeze' has finally arreezed. Originally produced as their demo, it became so popular among their fans that it was releezed in EP/CD format. If you can find a copy, get it before it becomes a collectors item. If you cant, check out their website Kings of Cheeze and download the sneeky free preview copy. Cheeze? Yes Pleeze!

It's already been featured on the Tom Morton show on BBC Scotland and Indie music e-zine Whisperin' and Hollerin' gave it 7 out of 10 stars saying, "Music this energetic and fun should be heard by as big an audience as possible." Our audience of pushing 1,000 Kilsyth folk gave them the big thumbs up on a lovely sunny afternoon. Heck, this is a big band which knows how to pleeze, everyone agreeze, probably the most laid-back, rollicking, carnival band on the planet, with pure dead brilliant attitude, great musiciansheeze, and a totally tropical flava!

So we liked it, then.

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Played at KIC 2003 and blew the park away. Came back in 2005 and did it all over again. Named after a pornstar, Lexxi was born rather amusingly at 4am after Louise and Andy took a ride in a shopping trolley one very long night in Glasgow. Craig and Fraser arrived on the scene in more conventional ways shortly afterwards. Since then Lexxi have played a host of venues, both at home and abroad. They won second place in the Emergenza world final in 2004, and are now very big on the continent.

Louise’s powerful vocals emerge from a backdrop of dirty rock n roll riffs and a pumping rhythm section. At KIC2005, Lexxi were comfortably in their stride, with every new song delivering something unique. With festival dates booked across Europe for the infinite future, and beyond, the future looks bright for this young band. Lexxi left us all breathless, sweating and aching for more...


Lexxi the band DSCF0124.JPG (55720 bytes) DSC_7958.jpg (52590 bytes)
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 Piping Hot Dholis

nachaar logoThe Dholis were the surprise hit of KIC 2005  We have never made a secret of the fact that KIC aims to provide a stage for the best drummers in the world. We love the excitement, rhythm and accessibility of pure percussion-based music. We were expecting something really different from the Dholis, but we have never heard Punjabi fusion drumming as good as this before, and it got us all up and dancing in the aisles. 

The band gets its name from the Dhol, which is a kind of drum played in the Punjab. Dahram Singh is the singer and the drums are played by brothers Mark and Goldi Singh, plus a really modest guy who gate crashed the party and didn't leave his name! Based in Glasgow, this really electrifying Asian fusion band plays around with all types of music including bhangra, R&B, hip-hop and even Scottish pipes. The band has performed extensively on TV and at concerts, weddings and parties. At KIC2005, they proved conclusively that they can handle a big stage and a big outdoor audience with panache, and they totally stormed the show. Here at, we always like to argue fiercely about our favourite bands, but these Punjabi guys are right up there with the best anywhere can offer, and if T in the Park or Bollywood don't get them in summer 2006, we sure hope we will! 

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Green Door Clinic

Green door clinic DSCF0153.JPG (59229 bytes)

GDC are... Thomas Early, Martin Reilly, Andrew Glasgow, Ged Reilly and Stevo Mckay.The band formed two years ago.Thomas is lead singer , Martin and Stevo play guitar, Andrew is the band's drummer, and Ged is on bass. They have built up a loyal following, and they hope to build on this. The band have also recorded demos in recent months.

They played at KIC 2004 to great acclaim, stood in at the last minute for KIC2005 to fill a key gap in our programme, and didn't let us down with their own unique brand of hard hitting rock 'n roll. Each band member has varied musical tastes, resulting in a combined band sound that is perfect for this kind of outdoor venue and has a very broad appeal.


The inimitable Craigenroan played in the main hall of Colzium House for our after-show Ceilidh at KIC2003. This year they kept us all entertained at the Ceilidh Tent beside the beer tent, along with Fiery Jack and some other friends.

You name it they've played there – from a rock on Arisaig beach to the Baku Hilton! The core musicians in the Band are Frank Leighton, midi accordion : Mike Garner : Electric fiddle, mandolin and banjo : Alan Stevenson : Bodhran, assorted percussion, whistles, vocals and caller. Willie Heuer – Guitar and vocals.  

The Band can be expanded as required, calling on a number of skilled players who have been associatewith the Band since its inception.


The Band are expert in the playing and teaching of all the popular ceilidh dances and introduce new and unusual dances to their repertoire on a regular basis.  They are equally at home playing for large corporate functions or small intimate weddings.  


Contact the band – alan (at) or Frank on 01259 760029


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