KIC 2003 Photographs

Kilsyth's first Carnival was on August 17th 2003 - founder directors Jill, Suleman and Rob met for the first time on May 1st and moved very fast to get the first KIC together, raising our start-up capital of 47 through a little busking at Treefest in Edinburgh. By 11th June a constitution was in place as an unincorporated society and this was to last for the next four years. NLC came in with a start-up grant of 2,000, gave us a stage and grounds crew, and helped with graphic design and producing the logo and graphic identity which are still in use today (above and background swirls).

KIC 2003 was a fairly modest effort by today's standards, with two stages and a budget of just 4,000, but broke even and attracted at least 2,000 people to the Colzium on a lovely summer's day, with just a late shower towards the end of the afternoon. Programmes were 2 (1 concessions), and consisted of just 8 pages in black on yellow paper.

Music included Waa Sylla, Kilsyth Thistle, Rapido Mariachi, Lexxi, Sambalistic, Black Star Calypso Steel Band and Makossa, and dance groups included Joanne Carr's, and the Starlets.

Stirling's funfair was in attendance, and have supported us every year since

We even had an evening Celidh (entry 10) at Colzium House with Craigenroan, ...but after such a long hot and tiring day the organisers weren't really in much shape to enjoy it!


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