I've been travelling the world for over thirty years, and my simple and humble quest is to find the biggest and best artificial dongs for your amazement, awe, delectation and delight.

Cappadocia: Fairy Chimneys delight 2 million visitors a year!

love is all around

This mountain (below) isn't one of them. It's just a mountain. In China. There are huge dicks everywhere, it seems. And the wee Chinese guy seems to having fun with his!

Buddha penis  Mount Danxia, China

This wee funny man lives on a tiny island in Japan.

I took this picture in the Setonaikai in 1975. This fellow is so proud of his wonderful ding-a-ling, so every year he brings it out for everyone to admire. R.U. ready for some hot thrusting action? Sorry about the colour cast, its an old shot and my scanner is on the blink!

Japanese dildo - copyright Rob Kay 1976

Another amazing discovery, this time from 1979. On the other side of the world, a huge limestone penis dominates the desert landscape of Western Australia - this enormous phallus is totally natural, claim geologists.,. And yeah, that's me smoking my pipe - on my relentless world-quest to find the biggest dicks in the world, a quest that has already taken half a lifetime to fulfil. But they don't get much bigger than this they, possums?

Biggest Penis in the world, huge dick, large phallus, throbbing member, big rod, giant thruster

It's real, its made of stone, the white deposits at the top aren't what you think (only bird shit!) it's 100% natural, and you can find it in the Nambung National Park in Western Australia, 245km north of Perth. Once this was a tree stump, and gradually it became a fossil and was weathered out of the surrounding desert sands by natural erosion. But yes, this is another  big dick all right, and its all down to geology. You can see a lot more of them in the background - though I think this is the best. But I guess that probably isn't why you came here, right? See the World's First Tree Ever

In 2004, scientists unearthed a 400-pound fossilized top or crown of a tree. The following summer, the same team discovered fragments of a 28-foot trunk. Piecing together stump, trunk and crown now reveals what the full tree looked like for the first time.

25 years later, in 2005, now (relatively) clean shaven, trekking deep in the dark jungly heart of West Africa near the Ghana/Togo border, at a height of 3000 feet, with my pal Moussa, I encountered a plant so magical in its properties that you could almost believe that it was real:

white guy with huge joke dick 

Moussa he say: "Dream on, fat white boy.... heh heh !!! "

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