Abronhill - visitor guide, photographs, images and impressions (2)

All pictures taken between 9am and 10 am on a typical busy Abronhill Saturday morning.

Hard to figure out what the architects intended here, isnt it? Where have all the people gone?



Abandoned furniture brightens up a dull walkway.


More signs of life - litter everywhere!


Well maintained signage - in places.


Bin bags add the finishing touch to a barbed-wire cornice


Attractive steel security shutters indicate that the Community Centre is (probably) closed today.


 Abronhill's charming olde-world pub


Attractive exterior decor promises a warm welcome inside this Scottish tavern.


Concrete, brick and steel boxes - architectural perfection!


Right angles and straight lines create a pleasing harmony of form and function. If you are a robot.


More right angles and straight lines - its easy to see where the architects were coming from, isn't it? But do I see a tree? Yes - what largesse!


More fine examples of the concrete-pourers ancient craft, and another tree in the distance.


The school dominates the skyline, with a bright splash of colour to add light relief. Corporation blue.


Delightful rustic terraced housing, well-maintained private cottage gardens and mouldy fences.


The ultra-modern health centre in Abronhill is a real credit to the NHS. Or eyesore, depending on which way you look at it. Useful supply of free masonry for fighting. The hill in front may be a plague mound. Or not.


There are lots of suitable places for the kids to play. The favourite game is "dealers v. loan sharks".


Functional, affordable, and attractive family housing. Welcome to Gulag 497, Block B5/6/7.


Well planned open spaces and walkways, (but best avoided after dark).


The library - a seat of lifelong learning and a model of disabled access. The car belongs to the librarian.


Back to the future....Cell Block U2. But what was the crime?


A cashpoint conveniently placed near the fast-food take-aways, off-licenses and betting shops. Well who would put a real bank here, seriously?

graffiti - "JARHEAD"


More jokey banter brightens a dull pebbledash wall


Excellent sports facilities, a little underused perhaps? I wonder who nicked the goalposts? Its good to see that the kids have a level playing field to play on...or do they?




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