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North Lanarkshire Council dirty bus logoA town in Soviet Russia or Poland? No, this is Abronhill in 21st Century Britain, one of the cluster of purpose-built villages that make up the New Town of Cumbernauld in relatively prosperous Scotland. Is this an apocalyptic clapped-out vision of the future of social housing under New Labour or merely a chill legacy of Thatcherite neglect at its worst, where even the buses refuse to go because of stone throwing, sword-wielding neds?

You decide - but don't blame the good people of Abronhill for these pictures. The people who can share blame for not sorting out this mess are the long-demised Cumbernauld Development Corporation, the Scottish Executive, and the present local administration, North Lanarkshire Council. They have simply let time, the ghetto effect of social housing and social deprivation, poor maintenance, bad design, and the cruel Scottish weather take their toll. This is the side of Cumbernauld few people see. It's worth taking a closer look. Abronhill 2007 could be your town, 2010.....

All pictures taken on three or four Saturday mornings during February 2007 , between 9am and 10 am on typical misty Abronhill winter's mornings.

Comments below can be taken as mainly ironic - if you didn't joke about this place you would have to cry.

Tartan is in again this year   A stylish variety of wall finishes - grey or grey?
At last a bright touch of red to lighten the grey pebbledash.   On closer inspection, it could do with a fresh coat of paint though.....like most of Abronhill
abronhill cumbernauld shopping mall    
Abronhill shopping mall is well-maintained and usually spotlessly clean and litter free. Not.   Abronhill church offers a tranquil spiritual home for worshippers and a welcome for all, except of course those trying to get in through (or steal) the roof.
Abronhill Cumbernauld High School behind bars  
Abronhill comprehensive secondary school is a beacon of learning and hope, in a totally secure environment. The school was the location of the 1981 film Gregory's girl and the sequel in 1999, and is regularly threatened with closure.   Drive-in  video offers a great choice of educational and inspirational films - when open. Note the elegant security roller shuttering. But you can't actually drive in - well not legally anyway!
Abronhill's thriving shopping centre - a joy to behold!   Improvised decor enlivens the warm grey brick walls
Sad closed and shuttered shops  
Pedestrianisation ensures protection from traffic hazards.   The welcoming entrance to the covered shopping precinct
Delightful examples of folksy artwork are a focal point. Vandalised naturally.   The exotic retro-asian decor is an added attraction.
The light and airy space attracts many children to play   Nothing like a good traditional butchers shop - is there?
Imaginative window displays: Yummy Yummy!   F.A. Mun*o opticians. You don't need to be visually impaired to live in Abronhill, but it probably helps!
Lowlands pharmacy is another thriving business - the town isn't exactly the healthiest place to live.   Abronhill Housing Association - closed on Saturdays
Taj's popular Tandoori   The traditional rustic atmosphere of a good country pub
Abronhill is also well known for it's sporting attractions   RS McColl's Post Office often has a long queue, but never on Saturday mornings. I wonder why? The lotto draw isn't until the evening, of course.
  graffiti on shop front - "xxx is a f*cking grass"
No-one home at Homecare - maybe no-one cares?   Lively vernacular banter and local gossip on the informal village noticeboard
graffiti of love heart  
With Valentine's day coming up, its good to see that romance isn't completely dead in Abronhill. Dying maybe, but not quite dead.   Time for a fresh coat of paint - or something more enduring perhaps?

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